Right before Christmas and all thru the isle, MAPA presents The Nutcracker in holiday style.

With sets & costumes, some new & some old, it’s the classical story in ballet that’s retold.

You may have seen it before in Chicago, New York, or L.A. but it’s now reimagined in a fresh and exciting new way.

The Sugar Plum Fairy will dance on her toes. Don’t wait to get tickets, there are only two shows.

In the blink of an eye the show will be done, so make sure you come and be part of the fun.

You’ll be amazed by this company’s feat at bringing to Maui this holiday treat!

Dates & times

  • December 20th at 7:30pm
  • December 21st at 3pm


Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Castle Theater
One Cameron Way, Kahului, HI 96732

Buy tickets

Tickets can be purchased online or by calling the MACC box office at 808-242-SHOW (7469). Please note: box office hours are Tue-Sat 10am – 6pm and is open 1-3 hrs prior to showtimes.

Tickets: $24, $30, $18/keiki 12 and under (plus applicable fees)

Cast List

Aaron Bode – Party Parent (France)
Abigail Walton – Columbine Doll, Mirliton
Aiyana Childers – Dove, Arabian
Alana Adams – Angel
Alan Birnie – Party Parent (Arabia)
Alana Egloff – Soldier, Chinese
Alana Robell – Crystal, Rose, Arabian
Aleisabel Lick – Soldier, Chinese
Alessandra Benigno – Chinese, Toy Dolls
Alivia Mearriam – Angel
Analea Calder – Dove, Party Girl
Anna Fosbinder – Party Girl
Annaliese Witter – Russian
Asher Kingdon – Party Boy, Mouse
Amelia Medlin – Angel
Audriana Stockwell – Angel
Audrey Heinlein – Mouse
Benjamin Kopf – Party Boy, Mouse
Benji Higuchi – Party Boy, Mouse
Betty Russo – Polchinelle
Camry Gach – Columbine Doll, Mirliton
Cara Orikasa – Soldier
Caroline Sloper – Party Girl
Charlotte Thorson – Angel
Chloe Thorson – Angel
Christopher Borer – Nutcracker Prince Understudy, Featured Russian, Party Boy, Mouse
Claire Eller – Polchinelle
Coral Carhart – Featured Russian, Waltz, Arabian
Danielle Delaunay – Party Parent (France)
Dylan Bode – Stahlbaum Father
Eliana Naderi – Angel
Elizabeth Bortz – Party Girl
Ellie Knowles – Dove, Arabian
Elly Smith – Featured Russian, Waltz
Emily Sloper – Toy Doll, Russian
Emily Stafford – Polchinelle
Emma Fusato – Dove
Emma Jane Roy – Polchinelle
Erin Taketa – Crystal, Waltz, Spanish
Finn Pavao Jones – Party Boy, Mouse
Grace Brown – Angel
Harold Barrero – Soldier
Hazel Bello – Dove
Hinano Iguchi – Snow, Waltz, Spanish
Hoku Pavao Jones – Stahlbaum Mother (Germany)
Hollis Powers – Angel
Irie Tanju – Angel

Isabel Farwig – Dove, Snow
Isabella Laybourn – Soldier, Chinese
Isla Nakama – Mouse
Izzy Cajudoy – Russian
Jackie Dowsett – Party Parent (Arabia)
Jackie Suwanjindar – Soldier, Chinese
Jacquelyn Grimes – Dove
Jarid Bortz – Party Parent (Russia)
Jaya Greenband – Chinese, Toy Doll
Jayda Hansen – Soldier
Jennifer Deatrick – Party Parent (Switzerland)
Jes Claydon – Maid
Jessie Young – Soldier
Jordan Akana – Snow, Waltz, Spanish
Jordynn Ratterman – Dove
Kailani Vanpoucke – Soldier, Chinese
Kaimana Neil – Nutcracker Prince
Kalliope Brillinger – Toy Doll
Kassidee Anne Nicholls – Angel
Kassidy Rambaud – Snow Queen
Kate Dowd – Toy Doll, Russian
Katie Higuchi – Party Parent (Spain)
Katie Istvan – Peacock
Katie Talbot – Painter
Keala Robell – Crystal, Rose, Arabian
Keilana Calder – Snow, Waltz, Spanish, Mirliton
Kewen Imlay – Chinese
Khloe Martinez – Mouse, Chinese
Kiana Claydon – Maid
Kristian Hansen – Mouse
Kylie Sykes – Russian
Leila Kramer – Snow, Waltz, Mirliton
Lexie Franks – Chinese, Toy Doll
Lily Hill – Dove, Featured Polchinelle
Lily Manning – Party Girl
Lily McCann – Russian
Lindsey Kimoto – Featured Dove, Snow, Waltz
Logan Jacob Heller – Drosselmeyer
Logan Tsukiyama – Dew Drop
Lucia Lammers – Soldier
Madison Pasion – Angel
Maia Motley – Party Girl
Maile Vanpoucke – Party Girl
Makeda Wilmeth – Fritz
Mark Roy – Party Parent (China)
Megan Utrillo – Chinese, Toy Doll
Melissa Herren – Dove

Mia Davies – Spanish, Mirliton, Snow
Mia Utrillo – Clara, Party Girl
Mila Creagh – Angel
Nadine Frommer – Head Maid
Nanea Haake – Toy Doll, Russian
Nikko Roy – Party Boy, Mouse
Noelle Lo – Spanish, Mirliton, Waltz
Olivia Sloper – Chinese, Toy Doll
Owen Deatrick – Party Parent (Switzerland)
Patience Ramoran – Party Girl
Priya Greenband – Angel
Rachel Holmberg – Party Girl
Raelynn Cook – Angel
Randi Lonzaga – Sugar Plum Queen of Peace
Rebekah Ankney – Maid
Ricky Jones – Stahlbaum Father (Germany)
Riley Agpalo – Party Girl
Remy Eiting – Dove
Robin Beck Macklin – Mouse
Ronan Mangat – Party Boy, Mouse
Ruby Kingdon – Mouse
Samantha Lee – Toy Doll, Russian
Sanoe Aganos – Dove, Snow
Sasha Brown-Roth – Clara, Party Girl
Savannah Stevenson – Party Girl
Sena Yamazaki – Toy Doll, Russian
Serenity Ramoran – Soldier
Shane Borge – Party Parent (Spain)
Shannon Diggins – Polchinelle
Simona Ylaite Russell – Polchinelle
Skye Rosenblad – Toy Doll, Russian
Sofia Arashiro-Garcia – Snow, Waltz, Arabian
Sofia Connor – Dove, Featured Polchinelle
Sophia Knapp – Russian
Sosefina Riley – Dove
Stella Sykes – Russian
Sunny Barresi – Russian
Sunny Rajesh – Polchinelle
Susie Bortz – Party Parent (Russia)
Sylas Jenkins – Party Boy, Mouse
Tatym Yoshida – Soldier
Tiana Hansen – Polchinelle
Tori Higuchi – Soldier
Trisha Roy – Party Parent (China)
Victoria Sloper – Angel
Yezzi – Lead Arabian

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