Amid the uncertainties of the pandemic, we’ve made the difficult decision not to offer fall academy classes and camps at this time.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of discounts are available?

When 4 or more classes are being taken in a semester, a discount of 10% will be given on the total tuition. When you register within the “Early Registration” period and pay in full a discount of 5% will be given on total tuition.

Where can I park my car?

All parking is on the street or in the municipal parking lot between Market and Church streets. The lots adjacent to our driveway are private and off limits. See the MAPA Parking Policy.

Can I start attending classes, fill out my form, and pay later?

NO. Teachers are instructed to turn away any student not listed on their roster unless that student wishes to purchase a single class or has been notified by a MAPA staff member.

Do I have to fill a registration form if I’ve done this before?

If your child is a returning student you may complete the “Returning Student Registration Form”. Each semester the form constitutes a contract between a student (parent/guardian) and MAPA, therefore a parent/guardians signature is required. If your contact information has changed since last completing a detailed registration form please submit a Contact Information Change Form to the office with your updated information

How can I pay?

Drop by the office and pay by cash, check or credit card, mail in your form with your check or credit card number, or fax the form to us with your credit card number.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. Information and applications are available on our scholarships page. Deadline to apply for the current semester is posted in our website, office and studios.

Can I register the day classes start?

Absolutely! Just stop by our office at 2050 Main Street in Wailuku during business hours Mon Tues Thurs Fri 10am-5pm, Wed 1pm-5pm to fill out a registration form and pay.

What if I can’t register before the class I want to attend?

No problem! Along with the appropriate payment, fill out a single class form and give it to the teacher. To continue the season at a reduced rate, register at the office during normal business hours and your single class payment will be deducted from your total tuition. Closed classes will not accept single class students.

Can I register at the studio the week classes begin?

NO. All registration is handled in our business office in person, by mail or by fax to utilize our staff and resources more efficiently.

What if I’m not sure what class my child should be taking?

Our Dance Director, Kathleen Schulz, is always happy to answer any questions pertaining to dance and dance placement. She can be reached on 808-283-0375.

Policies & Procedures

Payment All accounts must be fully paid by the end of the first week of camp/online classes, June 19, 2020.

Refunds NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS will be issued for the summer semester. In the case that classes or camps are canceled due to low enrollment, full refunds will be issued.

Online Dance Trial Class and fees should be arranged with the MAPA office in advance. If you are unsure if your child will want to take a full semester of a class, your child may take one $20 trial class. After trying the class you must officially enroll and pay if your child is to continue with the class. If the child registers for the class, the trial class payment will be applied to the total tuition. Closed/full classes cannot accept trial class students.

A $35 fee will be assessed for all returned checks. After one NSF, ONLY cash or money order will be accepted.

MAPA teachers and staff have the discretionary authority to remove a student if a disciplinary issue arises. See behavior policy below.

Summer Theatre Camp – In order for all participants to get the most out of this experience, we cannot allow more than 2 absences-whole or partial- per child without it affecting her/his participation in the final production. If you foresee conflicts, please email It is at MAPA’s discretion to accept or reject an application depending on the number of possible absences.

MAPA reserves the right to use any photos and video taken of the student(s) in all promotional material including, but not limited to, MAPA’s website, publications or advertising.

“Push Class” Policy
If a student is taking all classes at their level than they may request to take a “Push Class” which is above their current level with Dance Director’s approval. Individual teachers may not decide to approve a push class without Dance Director’s approval.

MAPA’s Online Studio Rules

  • Arrive 5 minutes prior to class time with dance apparel and footwear appropriate to floor you’re dancing on. Clear as much of your space to move safely within. Be ready to dance and have fun!
  • Bring a water bottle for water.
  • Please turn cell phones off or put on silent when in class.
  • Please only use the CHAT function to ask your teacher a question

MAPA’s Behavior Policy online and in studio

At MAPA, we believe that a safe, positive learning environment is essential for effective learning in the arts. Our teachers make every effort to create an atmosphere of trust, cooperation, and respect. With the support of home, school, and community, we believe that every student is capable of taking responsibility for their own behavior and making choices that are respectful and safe. 

If a student chooses to:

  • disregard the instructions of a teacher or person in charge
  • put another student or self in danger
  • put another student in emotional danger
  • use Zoom chat for anything other than instruction

The following disciplinary course of action will ensue:

  • first infraction verbal warning
  • second infraction meeting with student, parent or guardian(s) and MAPA staff member(s)
  • third infraction immediate removal from the program (no refunds)

Medical Emergency

  •  Maui Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA), its employees, teachers, and certified volunteers are authorized to refer registered student(s), to the on file physician and/or medical group when the designated emergency contact cannot be reached. If no family physician is designated, MAPA, its employees, teachers, and authorized volunteers will select a physician when deemed necessary. I understand that when registering my child/children, I  shall relieve MAPA, its employees, teachers and all authorized volunteers from all liability for damages, including but not limited to bodily injuries and property damage. This excludes damages resulting from gross negligence or lack of due care on the part of the said entities for injuries to myself or my child.
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